Rana Ranbir on new measures in farm bills: The government needs to help the farmers understand

Punjabi actor-writer Rana Ranbir has taken to his social media handle to share a very important message. While everyone is supporting the farmers in their protest, Rana Ranbir has shared a video, wherein he asked everyone to show their support in the right direction.

He started the video by mentioning that he does stand by the farmers, and if the new ordinances are against the farmers then the government should definitely nullify them. However, he also mentioned that if the government strongly believes that the bills are in favour of the farmers, then they should help the farmers understand the very facts. He said that the government should send their representatives to every village and at every dharma point and make them understand the benefits of the new legislations. Recently, Binnu Dhillon also shared a video in support of the farmers. Further, other Punjabi actors and singers too have expressed that they stand in solidarity with the farmers