Ranjan Ghosh: Women face discriminations even in basic foundation of our system

Ranjan Ghosh has wrapped up the first schedule of his next film ‘Mahishasur Marddini. Featuring Rituparna Sengupta, Saswata Chatterjee and Parambrata Chatterjee in the lead, the film’s main concept, according to the director, is an apology letter to women who face discrimination and often victimized by not just men but women as well in this patriarchal system. The story unfolds over a single night.

“Why women become victims? There are so many reasons – like class division, economic crises and many more and all of these factors play their part. You can find these discriminations in the basic foundation of society,” explains the director while speaking about the film’s core concept. In our film, the protagonists have to face the truth at some point in life as they go down memory lanes. They eventually realize how they have wronged women over the years.

Interestingly, Mahishasur Marddini is all about the memories and moments of a particular night. Rituparna will be seen as the owner of a house. One night, there were visitors at his house and when she interacts with them, the story and its concept slowly unfold.

“I started working on the story in 2019. When it was finally taking some shape, I could actually visualize the actors I wanted as the protagonists in the film and Parambrata, Saswata Da and Ritudi were my first choice and I must say that I have been extremely lucky to get Parambrata, Ritudi and Saswata Da on board,” said the director who is now eagerly waiting to finalize dates for the last schedule.

“We completed 70% of the filming in the first schedule. I am now waiting to start the second schedule. It will be approximately for four days. Let’s see when we can adjust the dates. Ritudi will be leaving for Singapore again and Parambrata and Saswata Da are really busy actors. It’s difficult to get the dates from them,” adds Ranjan.

Meanwhile, Ranjan’s last film ‘Ahaa Re’ completed two years today and the director is overwhelmed to see the film still receiving love from all around: “I am so happy that people are still talking about the film. That’s what we want when we make a film.” ‘Ahaa re’ revolves around a rich Muslim chef from Dhaka (Arifin Shuvoo) and a middle-class Hindu home cook from Calcutta (Rituparna Sengupta). She specializes in traditional Bengali cuisine while Arifin is a master of Bangladeshi dishes. The duo meets and discovers love through their shared passion for food and cooking.