Ranvir Shorey questions attempts to silence Kangana Ranaut, says she is sensational at times but it is not new

Ranvir Shorey recently opened up about Kangana Ranaut’s bold statements and claims against Bollywood. According to him, she could be sensational at times but it is not new. Talking to a news portal, Ranvir reportedly said that he was bothered by the back-and-forth between Kangana and others. According to the actor, Kangana says a lot of sensational things for effect more than the content. However, it is not new as actors and actresses say sensational things.

Elaborating more about her claims on Bollywood, Ranvir added that the ‘powerful and privileged’ in Bollywood always try to portray the industry as a place where everything is hunky-dory, but that is not the reality.

Recently, Jaya Bachchan objected to the film industry being allegedly defamed and referred to as a ‘gutter’ by its own members. Reacting to the same, Ranvir had tweeted, “The ones who come out defending the muck in #Bollywood are either the ‘gatekeepers’, or the ones sucking up to them. If you don’t like someone whistleblowing or using their freedom of expression, you’re free to use your freedom of enabling. Don’t see what the fuss is about.”

Kangana had recently alleged that 99 percent of people in Bollywood consumed drugs. Her statement received a lot of flak on social media from her Bollywood counterparts.