Rashmika Mandanna reveals she is eager to get back to work

Rashmika Mandanna had a live conversation with her fans on Twitter. The actress had a Q& A session with her fans where she answered fun questions and revealed how she is spending the lockdown, her school experience, handling stress and more. She remained energetic throughout the conversation answering questions of her fans.

She shared a video of her answering to all the questions of her fans that they sent during the conversation. She shared that facing camera everyday is like having examination everyday. ‘It is stressful, but it gives you a thrill. It is amazing when you get applause after a scene from the entire team. I love that feeling, I want to get back to it as soon as possible.’

She also revealed what she does when she is stressed. ‘I work out a lot when I am in stress. I listen to music, I dance like one mad person, watch a lot of TV, Kdramas, go for a drive. I love eating ice-cream when I am stressed.’ She also revealed her hotel secrets during the conversation. ‘I am guilty. The hotel people are now going to be very happy with this. I am one of those people if I like their shampoos, I take them and once I stole the pillow cover. I am sorry, it was really nice pillow cover, I wanted it so I stole it.’

She also requested her fans to be safe and follow all the guidelines to keep themselves safe during the pandemic.