Remembering Irrfan, Deepika Padukone has shared a video on Instagram playing tennis with him

Deepika has shared the video on Insta during the shooting of the film “Piku”,In which Deepika and Irrfan are seen playing tennis. Deepika remembering irrfan and says, Irrfan was a great and natural actor.

Because of his acting,expressive eyes, his voice and his way of speaking, he got the love and administration of many people. When he died on 29April 2020, that day was like a dark day for me.

On his death, people from all over the world expressed grief, and sent emotional messages. Irrfan Khan was indeed a global icon, Because he also spread his magic in not only Bollywood but also Hollywood. Deepika remembering Irrfan and wrote in instagram, “Please come back!”.