Rhea Chakraborty claims Sushant Singh Rajput spent Rs 70 lakh on a trip to Thailand

Several accusations and charges have been leveled against Rhea Chakraborty following her alleged involvement in Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. Amongst them all is money laundering. She has been accused of living off the actor’s money. Responding to these accusations, Rhea reportedly told a news portal that Sushant always believed in ‘living life king size’ and that it was his idea to make lavish bookings because that’s how he was. She also added that initially, it was only her solo plan to travel to Paris for a fashion brand event. Her travel and accommodations bookings were apparently being made by the company.

Elaborating more, she also stated that it was Sushant’s idea to make this work trip into a holiday and do a Europe tour altogether. She also revealed that Sushant cancelled all her bookings and made new bookings as per his liking.

Supporting her statements about Sushant’s inclination towards living life king size, Rhea also said about a Thailand trip that Sushant had taken with his boys. According to him, Sushant spent Rs 70 lakhs for a Thailand trip with his boys. He had booked a private jet. She added that he would not only take trips with her but also with his friends and spend the same way.

Rhea also gave it back to all the people who were claiming that she was living off Sushant’s money by saying that they were holidaying and spending time together like any other couple.