#RheaArrest: Saayoni Ghosh unhappy with direction of probe

Actress Saayoni Ghosh is unhappy with the latest developments in the Sushant Singh Rajput death investigation. Speaking to us after Rhea’s arrest, Saayoni said the central investigating agencies were supposed to find the cause of Sushant’s death. “Now, the investigation has turned into something else. I think this is a way to turn the focus from the real incident. Every passing moment, things are getting vague,” she added.

Besides, she said, a lot of people hope that the truth will come out, but the way things are going, we are drifting away from the real incident. “For decades, it has been an open secret that Bollywood celebs use drugs. There is nothing new about it and when it comes to Rhea, she is nothing but a small fry in the pool. Unfortunately, she seems to have become the scapegoat,” she added.

Even after everything, Saayoni thinks if the truth comes out much if the present situation can be salvaged. “There are many big names connected to drug abuse in Bollywood and to know their names, I don’t think Rhea is the only source. However, if her arrest can bring out some of those big names, it will be better,” she added.