Riddhi had the sweetest birthday message for father Kaushik Sen

Kaushik Sen, the multi-faceted actor recently turned 51 and he received the sweetest birthday message from son Riddhi who is carrying his father’s legacy with elan. Riddhi certainly knows how to impress his dad. He shared a heartfelt message on Facebook celebrating his father’s birthday.

“In a world built by the word ‘me’, I have rarely seen someone who has successfully overcome that, not in words but in his lifestyle . A person who has kept his spine straight amidst so many broken and bent spines. You are not a hero to me, you are silent guardian , a watchful protector , a dark knight. Happy Birthday (sic),” wrote Riddhi along with a candid picture with Kaushik Sen.

He has been a well-known face in Bangla cinema and theatre arena, but Kaushik Sen is also proud to identify himself as father of Riddhi Sen who won a National Award for his remarkable performance in Kaushik Ganguly’s 2017 film ‘Nagarkirtan’.

Meanwhile, Riddhi who admires a lot of the characters his father Kaushik Sen has played in films and on stage alike, has admitted time and again how his father has helped him overcome a torrid time.