Ritika Singh talks about that one song, actor and film that inspire her

Actress Ritika Singh is someone who’s always full of energy. So, it’s hard to digest when she talks about times she feels low. The actress is someone who is very vocal and speaks her mind without any hesitation. In the latest video she has shared on social media, the actress talks about times when she is out of work, how she feels during those times, and the song she listens to motivate herself.

The actress starts the video, which is about six minutes long, saying, it is when she is free that her mind works the most. She continues, “As an actor, these not-working times can last a very long time. Sometimes it can go up to a few years. But certain other times, you work back to back. So, when that not-working times come in life, my mind starts thinking about all these super-negative things, like, ‘Oh my career is over’, ‘I am getting older’, etc. Then, I also start thinking why a particular film isn’t happening for me or why a particular director is not calling me and all that. And as an actor I have a list of roles I want to essay, the directors that I want to work with and so on. And I know that those kind of roles that I want to do are difficult to come by; they’re rare. So, there’s this one song that I keep watching. The song that she is talking about is Khalibali from Ranveer Singh’s ‘Padmaavat’. She adds, “This is one song, one actor and one move that inspire me.”

On the work front, Ritika was last seen in Tamil ‘Oh My Kadavule’, pairing up with Ashok Selvan.