Rohman Shawl: Everything in my life changed after I met Sushmita Sen

This 29-year-old has made a mark for himself in the modelling circuit, and for those unaware, this good-looking lad is Sushmita Sen’s boyfriend. But interestingly, Rohman Shawl says that being famous is not on his wish list anymore. Recently, he was seen in the single, Maula, sung by Papon. Talking to BT about what made him want to be a part of the track, Rohman says, “I have always been a music follower, but the highlight of this track is that it has been rendered by Papon.”

He stresses that acting doesn’t interest or inspire him. He shares, “I have never wanted to be an actor. I did this music video as a model, I didn’t have to act in it. Generally, the perception is that models eventually want to get into acting. I attended some classes, but soon realised that acting doesn’t drive me.”

Though initially, he did nurture dreams about being a supermodel, Rohman says that meeting Sushmita changed him as a person. “My roots are from Kashmir, but I was born and brought up in Nainital. I did my schooling there and went to Dehradun to study engineering. In my last year of college, I was introduced to modelling by a friend. Five-six years later, I came to Mumbai, and two years later, I met Sushmita,” he recalls, adding, “Everything in my life changed after that. As outsiders, we have a certain perception about a star’s life. But, when you stay with them, you realise that it’s a lot of hard work. On a personal level, that changed me; I started taking things seriously, I started respecting life more, both mine and others’. When I started modelling, I wanted to be a star, but now, I have different plans. I want to venture into business, eventually. But for now, I want to stick to modelling as that makes me happy. Being famous is not on my wish list anymore.”

No conversation with Rohman is complete without delving into his relationship with Sushmita. In a recent chat on social media, the two were asked about their marriage plans. So, are they planning to tie the knot anytime soon? Rohman replies, “Sushmita, her daughters (Renee and Alisah) and I are a family already. Sometimes, I am like a father to the kids, sometimes, I am a friend to them, and at times, we fight, too. We live like a normal family, and we enjoy that. So, we don’t dwell upon questions like ‘ Aap shaadi kab kar rahe ho’. When marriage happens, we won’t hide it. For now, we are enjoying the success of her web series. Aage sochenge kya hota hai.”

He further said that there’s no family pressure from either side to get married. “My dad, mom and sister support me unconditionally. In fact, when I started dating Sushmita, I didn’t even tell them about it. They learnt about it when our pictures surfaced in the media. Sushmita and I wanted to be sure before making our relationship public. She made me understand that my life would change once she puts it out there. I respected her decision and didn’t tell anyone till the time we were ready for it. My family is very understanding, and they have backed all my decisions. There is no pressure to do anything,” he says.

Ask what made him fall in love with her and if he is still star-struck, and Rohman replies, “I still am (smiles!). When I wake up in the morning and look at her, I think, ‘Oh God, I am so lucky’. Sushmita Sen is not just a person, she is a vibe. It takes time to understand her, but when you do, you are bowled over. The way she thinks will make you marvel at how beautiful her mind is. She will make seemingly impossible predictions, and in two days, it will happen. She feels for everyone… I can write a book about her.”

Rohman says that their 15-year-age gap has never bothered him. “Men look for maturity, as they aren’t mature enough at any age. When a strong woman enters your life, you realise that you are also capable of much more. She transforms you into a man,” he shares.

Having said that, he points out that it’s not easy dating a star. “When somebody has worked so hard throughout their lives, you can’t bring them down with your stupid mistakes. So, I try to not do anything that will bring her down. She has earned it. She has given me her name and I have to respect that. It would be very stupid of me to not acknowledge that,” he signs off.