Roja (1992)

Apr 18, 2020
Roja (1992)

Roja is a Political trilogy movie, Directed and written by Mani Ratnam. Madhoo and Arvind Swami in a lead role with supporting cast Pankaj Kapoor, Shiva Rindani, Vaishnavi, Nassar, Janagaraj, and Sathyapriya.

According to Mani Ratnam the Story was based on K. Doraswamy an executive of the Indian oil Corporation, who was kidnapped on 28 June 1991 and put in captivity for two months and his wife fighting for his release.

K. Balachander was produced the film under Kavithalayaa production with G. venkateswaran distribution. Editing was done by Suresh Urs and Santhosh Sivan was handle the Cinematography, A.R Rehman was composed the music.

It was released on 15 August 1992, it become a emerge success in box office with positive reviews,Later the film was dubbed and released in Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Malayalam Languages.

The film also popular internationally and nomination for Best Film at the Moscow International Film Festival .A.R Rehman won several Awards including Filmfare Award for Best Music Director – Tamil, National Film Awards for Best Music Direction, and Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Music Director for his work.

Most of the Part of film was shoot in Kashmir and other shooting locations are Himachal Pradesh, Manali, Ooty and Coonoor. The whole movie was completed in 60 days

The Film’s story revolves Rishi Kumar(Arvind Swamy) and Roja(Madhoo),both are young married couple, originally Rishi kumar was supposed to marry Roja’s sister after knowing truth that her sister don’t want to marry him because she love someone else, then Rishi takes a blame for not marrying her by saying he was in love with her younger sister .

Due to fact that Rishi Kumar is well educated, handsome, and holds a good job, they were unwilling to refuse to Rishi Kumar’s request, and Roja ends up marrying Rishi Kumar, and her older sister marrying the person she loves. Initially Roja don’t like Rishi kumar , until he tells her about why he reject her sister, after realising her sister was happy with her husband she begins to fall in love with Rishi Kumar

Afterwards Rishi got a special project in Kashmir where he as a cytologist, had a special task of cracking codes from the enemies, due to high profile security around both Rishi and his wife, the terrorist who are demanding freedom for Kashmir, uses an opportunity and kidnaps Rishi Kumar and ask the government to release leader Wasim Khan, Due to the nature of the situation, the government refused to release Wasim Khan for Rishi Kumar. Afterwards Roja to do anything to free for her hunsband.The story revolves around how she runs from pillar to post to get her husband free.

This is a masterpiece where terrorism is chosen as a topic and mixed up with a romantic drama.