Rubina Bajwa

Rubina Bajwa has taken to her social media handle to share a beautiful picture today. Off late, she has been posting her throwback clicks, but today she has posted something different but certainly adorable.

Taking to her Instagram, the actress has shared a picture of her with her pet dog Zara. And alongside the same, she has shared this beautiful note that reads – “Many don’t know my brother some time very long ago… brought home a little puppy… I still remember when she came home and how my brother held her… she has seen it all been through everything with us all. During my dad’s cancer she was with him always… watching tv, or just sitting with him.Zara is very special… she always will be. I was never a dog person but Zara changed something within.”

But the story doesn’t end here. Neeru Bajwa shared the other half of the story when she commented – “And mom called the police on you guys �� she now too loves Zara”

Seems like the Zara changed everyone in the family.