Rupsha Guha: Friends have always inspired me to stay true to myself’

Rupsha Guha, who was last seen in Birsa Dasgupta’s ‘Bibaho Obhijaan’ as a feminist character, believes friends are inspiration to her.

“Though my character, Ranja was a little serious, I loved working in the film. It is a rom-com that deals with what happens in the lives of two couples after they get married. It shows that no matter how much a couple fights, it is love that ultimately binds them together,” said the actress while speaking ETimes.

Talking about the importance of friends during this crisis, Rupsha said, “My solitary wish as a child was to have a whole range of experiences and my friends made sure my feet never touched the ground. They are the ones who gave me a myriad spectrum of memories and gave me encouragement in the bleakest of hours.”

She adds over the years these friends have become her inspiration. “My friends have always inspired me to stay true to myself, to stay fluid and to flow like a river in my own pace. I would like to thank all my dear friends who have unconditionally supported me and given me wind in my sails. All you need in life is a handful of true friends to grow old with,” revealed the talented actress.