Saif Ali Khan On Fame: I Don't Even Like Being Photographed So I Don't Really Give It Much Attention

Saif Ali Khan in the new episode of Neha Dhupia’s #NoFilterNeha Season 5 on JioSaavn revealed a lot about her personal as well as professional life. When asked about his idea on fame and being a part of the world of showbiz, Saif shared what it is to be a part of the limelight all day all long.

Saif Ali Khan said, “There is a poem also by Keats, an English romantic poem on Fame and it’s really great and basically the gist of it is that if you try too hard, and chase her around like many women, she won’t give you any attention, and probably jilt you but if you kind of treats her with a little bit of disdain, you don’t take the whole thing very seriously, and just carry on, she might like you more and that’s the idea.”

Saif also mentioned, “I don’t know if I have practically followed that, but that’s how I have kind of approached it and I have noticed that with people, that if they don’t push too hard to want to be talked about, people talk about what they want to talk about you and you do not need to advertise it.”

“I just kind of get a lot of satisfaction out of this incredible creative job that we have in acting, and is becoming more and more interesting and then after that to focus on the things that will last in life, like your good friends, your family. I don’t even like being photographed and many people love being photographed by the paparazzi and I know in India it is different, it’s their job, but I don’t like it so I don’t really give it much attention, but I’ve noticed that they still seem interested in photographing me, so maybe it works like that you don’t run after them too much,” concluded Saif Ali Khan in his candid chat with Neha Dhupia.