Sam Jones hopes ‘Nadhi’ will give him a new identity

Sam Jones (of Yemaali fame) is excited about his upcoming social drama, Nadhi. The film, directed by Mohan Raja’s associate Thamarai Selvan, has Anandhi as the female lead. The actor even lost 13 kilos for the film that delves into politics and casteism set in a college milieu. Says Sam, “While Anandhi plays a girl who comes from a huge political background, I play someone who comes from a middle-class family. My father is an auto driver, and I am into badminton. I strive hard to move up in my life. But we get caught up in some situations, which changes our lives.”

Sam says that he did a lot of preparation for his role. He says, “Since I play a badminton player, I underwent training for it. Also, the film is set in Madurai, and I was born and brought up in Chennai. So, I really had to up my game when it came to picking up the slang and imbibing their culture. So, I went to Madurai before the shoot to study people there. Since Thamarai is from Madurai, he helped me, too.”

Though he has two other offers, Sam says that he first wants this film to come out. “I want to take it slow as I am still a newcomer. This film has come out really well, and I will wait for the feedback from audiences. I want this film to give me a new identity,” he says.