Sameera Reddy on tips for attaining healthy body goals

Sameera Reddy’s Instagram page is a breath of fresh air for anybody who is looking for positive and progressive content on fitness, mental health and parenthood. The actress, who is extremely vocal about body image issues and mental health, gave a few tips to attain realistic and healthy body goals on Thursday.

“Baby steps to achieving your body goals #imperfectlyperfect #goals A strong healthy powerful body to support your happy soul. that’s my goal. my basics to getting fit again,” she began the post, going on to list a few tips. “1. Get moving at different times of the day to keep the metabolic rate high. 2. Mindful eating and not emotional mindless eating . 3. Enjoying the journey and not hating your body till you get to your goal. Do it for you . And not for what is expected of you,” she said.

The ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ actress added, “Post the Covid phase in our lives, I’ve not been able to commit to exercise . It’s been hard to find time. I get offered diets and workouts but I feel overwhelmed. Last month i committed to being CONSISTENT. I already feel fitter and more energised with these 3 small baby steps. Slow and steady we will get there.”