Sameera Reddy reflects on her transformation and body image perceptions with a throwback picture

Sameera Reddy is known to spread cheer about fitness, lifestyle, mental health and body image on her Instagram page with positive hashtags such as #imperfectlyperfect. On Throwback Thursday, the ‘Vaaranam Aayiram’ actress reflected on her mental transformation and spoke about the significance of healthy body perceptions among pregnant women.

“Angry, frustrated, self loathing & spewing. Our own demons get to us! Akshai patiently worked through it with me throwback 2015 👉🏼pregnant with Hans hormonal, unaware & unprepared! Totally opposite of what I am today. We prepare for everything but what is most important 👉🏼 the emotional support we require.

What leads someone to feel low about one’s body self image? Whether you are a new mother or even otherwise? it can lead to a negative body perception that can dominate your moods, your inner happiness and destroy healthy relationships. Two babies later I look back and am so grateful for the unbelievable transformation .Not the physical one but the mental one but it’s difficult to see it when you are in a bad mental and physical space,” the actress said.

She added that it was necessary to be gentle to all. “The positive internal shift only comes with your own focus to pull yourself out of the rut and of course the support from people around you. Be Kind . Be gentle with anyone who is struggling. You are #imperfectlyperfect at every age and every stage #mentalhealthawareness #messymama #momlife #grace #bekind #loveyourself” she signed off the post.