Sana Saeed says I couldn’t be present for my father’s final rites

Bollywood and TV actress Sana Saeed lost her father, Urdu poet Abdul Ahad Saeed, on March 22 (the Janata Curfew Day), while she was stuck in the US due to the travel restrictions following the coronavirus outbreak. She had flown to Los Angeles for an event that was scheduled to take place at the end of March, but was eventually cancelled. Sana has been coping with the loss all alone in a foreign land. She says, “It was extremely hard for me to deal with the news. Besides, I was already in isolation here and had no one with me. That was tough and unfair.”

Sana’s father was diabetic, which led to many health complications. She says, “He fell sick in the last couple of months and was even hospitalized. However, he had returned home and was stable, or else I wouldn’t have left his side. In fact, I didn’t take up any work for the last two months as I wanted to be with him.”

Sana shares, “I had shut myself from the world for a couple of days and was only taking calls from my family (mother and two sisters). I wanted to be with them and hug them. Every time I felt sad, I prayed. I understood that I had to stop being selfish. I couldn’t have expected him to keep living with the kind of pain he was in. I loved my dad so much that I can never get closure, but I have come to terms with the fact that I couldn’t be present for his final rites. I have made peace with the situation rather than fight it.”

While remembering her dad, who was a well-known Urdu poet, she added, “I plan to translate his poems in different languages and release them. He was extremely passionate about poetry, and I feel responsible to ensure that his work reaches as many people as possible.”