Sanjana Sanghi: Aditya Roy Kapur and I trust each other as co-workers

In recent days, Sanjana Sanghi wrapped up another schedule of her upcoming action film, Om: The Battle Within, co-starring Aditya Roy Kapur, and backed by choreographer-director Ahmed Khan. Directed by action director Tinu Verma’s son, Kapil Verma, the movie has been in production for a few weeks now. Talking about her experience of collaborating with Aditya and Kapil, Sanjana says, “We talk a lot on the set with each other. In fact, I always felt that I knew him well from before we started working. We trust each other as co-workers and we help each other discover things about our roles in the film. Om…as a film entails things we have not seen before. It’s mutual trust between co-stars that comes in handy at such times. There’s no ego between him and me, or between the director and us. That makes me feel liberated while shooting. There is no question I can’t ask and no question that won’t be answered.”

Talking about how 2020 changed her perspective on life, Sanjana says, “My perspective changed completely and it feels different now. Aditya, Kapil sir, and I often marvel at the fact we’re fortunate. We thank our stars for every second that we get to be on a set, this time feels so much more valuable. The initial days when one started stepping out of home were all so rusty. One didn’t know how to be around people because we hadn’t been around people for a long time, right? Now, while there is fear in the mind there is also gratitude in the heart for what one has today, looking at how things are today.”

When asked how she and Aditya familiarised themselves with the director and the script in the absence of a typical workshop scenario, Sanjana says, “Normally, one would have done readings and hang-out sessions. With Om, we actually did spend that time but in a socially distant way and get cracking on the script. Adi and I had to train for the action portions as well. So, we would undergo tests every few days. Even on the set, we always followed the precautionary steps. I have realised that when you are careful, you can get around things.”