Saqib Saleem opens up about the nepotism debate in Bollywood, says can't Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma make their child a cricketer or an actor?

Saqib Saleem recently opened up about the ongoing debate on nepotism in Bollywood. According to him, if tomorrow his kids want to become an actor, he would never stop them from becoming one.

Talking about the same, Saqib told Times Now Digital that if in the future, his kids want to become an actor like him, he would never stop them from becoming one. The actor also cited the example of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. He asked if their kid wants to become a cricketer or an actor, are they not allowed to make them that?

Elaborating further, Saqib added that he feels like we are in a time where people decide. He added that people blame star kids and then go and watch their movies too. According to him, if tomorrow Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is launched, the whole world would want to watch him. Saqib urges people to accept it and be normal about it. According to him, it is in every business.

Talking about his journey in Bollywood so far, Saqib reportedly said that he has come here because of his own hard work and he will continue working hard. According to him, he is happy and content with what he has and doesn’t believe in this insider-outsider debate. He stated that he believes people wanting to work with people they like and are comfortable with and there is nothing wrong with that.