Sara Ali Khan has said that her brother, Ibrahim, is definitely Interested in joining Bollywood,It is still a dream, but it will be fulfilled soon

Sara Ali Khan has said that her brother, Ibrahim, is definitely interested in joining Bollywood, But he has to finish his studies before that. “Ibrahim” and “Sara ali khan” are childrens of actors Saif ali khan and Amrita singh.

Sara further says, he has not gone to college yet, so it is very far for him to come to the movies. He is currently completing his studies in Los Angeles. Sara, who recently appeared in Imtiaz’s film “Love Aaj Kal”, says she has to work hard to get into this field, When we work in films with heart, only then people like to see us.

Ibrahim had recently put some special videos on Sara’s Instagram and his own Tiktok videos. In an interview earlier, Saif also expressed the possibility in Ibrahim’s comes in bollywood films. Saif further says, I do not know if I will launch him or not, but he is interested in coming to films, he is very sporty, and he would prefer to come to films instead of job.

Because he is trying to follow the steps of his sister Sara. Saif says, I would advise theIbrahim, that the world of films is different, it has a lot of ups and downs, But in that too, creating your own identity is like achieving success. Whenever he comes in films, then he will definitely give him advice in choosing films carefully.