Sayan to direct a horror anthology

Talented filmmaker Sayan Basu Chowdhury’s next film ‘Horror Stories’ is a comic book style anthology of stories about the paranormal world connected by two narrators.

The first story titled ‘Chinese Box’ depicts the life of a soft-spoken and shy middle-class girl Ananya played by Alivia Sarkar as she suddenly discovers a Magic box that grants three wishes to its owner but at a cost.

The second story titled ‘Bhoy’ shows the life of a girl named Amrita played by Rupsha Mukhopadhyay, from her childhood as she often sees an unknown ghost-like entity following her throughout her life and how all these finally connect to her future. Mainak Banerjee plays her love interest Pradyut.

The film, also starring Saheb Halder, Surajit Maity, Roshni Ghosh, and Supratim Saha, will hit the shooting floors soon.