Sharmila Tagore: Women need autonomy to be free from violence

An e-conclave was organised yesterday on Nov 22, to commemorate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls.

Experts from various fields including doctors spoke at the conclave. Actress Sharmila Tagore and Virendra Sehwag also lent their support.

At the conclave Sharmila said, “All rights of women that we talk about is her right to say NO. It establishes her autonomy and improved quality of life and well-being. Women are often stereotyped- women are supposed to be simple, compliant and hardworking. It is assumed that she will bring in dowry after marriage, cook for the family and look after her husband, in-laws and children. Her consent is simply taken for granted.”

She added, “Boys grown up in traditional houses are often over indulged, clearly given them preference over the girl child. They are not taught to respect girls as individuals and expect her to be subservient with no right to deny any of the demands including her right to say No to the sexual overtures.”

“Being a man is a cause of celebration in Indian society and this could be one reason for the rising graph of sexual crimes. Not allowing a woman to say NO is a gross violation of human rights. It requires sincere and dedicated sensitisation in creating and enabling environment where women are empowered to say NO,” she said.

Women need autonomy to be free from violence. Let’s join hands in strengthening society towards accepting women’s basic rights and autonomy.