Shataf Figar

Shataf Figar celebrated a quiet birthday this year because of the prevalent situation. “I celebrated my 43rd birthday with my family. And even this locked-down birthday is an experience. Everything may have stopped but the love and warm wishes of my loved ones and fans haven’t. I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to receive so much love from across the world,” said the actor.

When asked about his birthday resolution, he said, “There is no resolution as such, but I only wish that we display sensibility and sensitivity as a human race and emerge victorious out of this pandemic. Being compassionate towards people is the need of the hour.”

About the pandemic, Shataf feels that in every moment of adversity, there lies an opportunity. “That’s how I choose to look at this lockdown period. My mission during this period was to come out better, stronger and wiser. For me, this period is a sabbatical where I’m able to work on myself and my goals. Time did stand still for all of us, but this period is also about self-development. Meditation, yoga, workouts, reading scripts, playing the ukulele, catching up on cinema, connecting with loved ones and reaching out to people who need love and support have been the highlights of this lockdown for me. In a way, it also helped me to sustain through these difficult times,” said the actor, who hasn’t got back to work yet. “The one thing I miss the most is getting back to work. As an artiste, it suffocates me that I’m unable to face the camera. But I will wait for a while for the situation to improve before I start shooting,” he said.