Sheetal Ahirrao on resuming shoot amid Coronavirus lockdown: 'It's rejuvenating for me'

Marathi cinema’s popular actress Sheetal Ahirrao is well-known for her stupendous performance in Marathi films film ‘Hora’, ‘Jalsa’ ‘Vip Gadhav’ and many more. As per the latest update, the ‘Hora’ actress recently revealed that she has restarted shooting after a long hiatus.

Even though Sheetal didn’t spill any details about which movie she is working on, but she has disclosed that she is shooting for her much-anticipated film.

Sheetal Ahirrao said “After the unlock, the shooting started again and I was very excited to start with positivity and enthusiasm. Having been at home for many months, the excitement of starting work again was a different kind of happiness. it’s rejuvenating for me”

While speaking on her upcoming film’s content, Sheetal said “my role in this film will definitely appeal to the audience and I will definitely use my art to the fullest. We have started shooting in compliance with the government regulations on the set”