Short film traces moral conflict of Surpanakha, the epic character from Ramayana

The epic ‘Ramayana’ has had deep significance through the pages of history. A fictional tale versed by Valmiki became a symbol of great relevance to mankind and livelihood. So intricate were the tales of Lord Ram and his endeavours that the epic tale came out in many languages, Sanskrit being the root of its preachery. A striking persona of feminine characters was included in the film comprising Sita and Shurponakha who play eminent roles as the good and evil, respectively. Now, a short film is being made on this subject focusing more on the character Surpanakha. Made in languages English, Santhali and Bengali, the short titled ‘The Awakening’ has recently finished its shoot in Purulia and is currently undergoing last touches and brewing.

“The Awakening explores the attributes of the other side of the coin where the evil has been deducted out of its morale and bears the torchlight for the negligence and tortures on her. She fell in love with Rama and all she wanted was love in her life. All through the time, she has been defamed for her appearances despite being the sister to the King of Lanka, Ravaana. Even her nose was slashed off by Lakshman while she wanted to engage in a conversation with Sita. The conversation that followed between them was the element of mockery and shame that the society plunged on in between. The element of surprise is the sole conversation between Sita and Shurponakha as a single living entity, an exchange of felt words between two sides. The good will is always victimised. Evil motives are kept in continuity. The only difference being, what’s perceived is also what’s missed while the good and evil are judged on preliminary terms,” said Suchandraa Vaaniya, who is making her diretorial debut with this short.

Shot in and around Purulia, the Chauu dance originated from the soils of Jharkhand has a major importance to overlay the pattern through which the story unfolds. A total of twenty Chauu dancers and two Santhali girls will be seen in the short.

Presented By Just Studio, it has been shot in the Nildi hills to commemorate on the epic significance of Lanka’s evil princess, Shurponakha. Adding to the disaster amid the Covid-19 pandemic, many Santhals have lost their earning and as a part of Prayash, this short film has also given them the opportunity to portray their art in the form of culture and dance. The film has acknowledgments bearing to Pratik Das as the technical director, Chandradoy Pal as sxcreenplay writer, Sourav Mandal as editor. The film bears a lot of importance to the movements rhyming with music. Singer Abhijit Acharya has made his soulful mark as the music director of the film.