Shraddha Srinath says the film industry is not a bad place

As the buzz around nepotism, drug abuse and casting couch grows, Vikram Vedha actress Shraddha Srinath said that all is not bad with the film industry. Shraddha said that she had not faced any untoward incident in the industry. The actress shared a video on her social media page in which she spoke about her experience in the film industry.

Shradda said, “In all these five years of being in the film industry, not once have I taken any of my family members as security to the family sets. All people think that the film industry is unsafe for women and that there are predatory creatures waiting to pounce on you. I tried to be so professional at work that nobody has even tried to mess with me. Maybe it’s my strong personality or that people know that I have studied law. I know a lot of girls who bring their mothers along to the shoots. And, it’s not a bad thing. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Maybe I got lucky with the people I worked with. Yes, I worked with very nice people.”

She added that the film industry was not a bad place. “There are a hundred factors that go into success. Just put in the effort, pick the path you want to walk on, take your mother along. It’s not a bad place. It will reward you.”