Shreyas Talpade says he has realised that films are not his life, his family is

This year, for a change, actor Shreyas Talpade is not having a working birthday and is celebrating his special day with his wife Deepti and daughter Aadya, away from Mumbai.
Spilling some beans on his birthday plans, Shreyas told a news portal that he normally spends his birthdays working but this year his wife strictly said that it won’t be a working birthday for him. The actor also added that his daughter Aadya is growing up and so all his priorities are changing in life. For him, everything boils down to what she likes.
Elaborating further, Shreyas added that the kiddo loves travelling and they often go out of Mumbai for a few days. They just chill for those few days and rejuvenate themselves.

Talking about birthday bashes, Shreyas reportedly said that he has thrown a couple of big birthday parties but he is very comfortable with celebrating it with close people who don’t judge him. According to him, he would rather celebrate his birthdays with them rather than throwing a lavish party and things like that.

The actor also opened up about the lessons he has learnt over the years. Shreyas says he has realised that films are not his life, his family is. If not films, he will do theatres. If not that, then something else. For him, it is all about how happy you are at home.