Siddharth Chandekar deletes Twitter account, says more negativity isn't necessary

‘Miss U Mister’ actor Siddharth Chandekar deleted his Twitter account. Before leaving this social media he posted some Insta stories hinting about it.

The ‘Gulabjam’ movie actor first put up a story saying “Twitter?, No twitter?” Then he posts “Its decided” and in the third story he posts a screen shot of the Twitter page mentioning ‘Your account is deactivated’ in the story Siddharth mentioned, “Sorry to see you go. #Goodbye. No Twitter.”

Sharing the reason with us, he says, “Actually, rising trolling and hatred on twitter made me do it. We are already going through a negative phase because of corona…more negativity isn’t necessary.”

Later he also posted on Instagram, the story says “Social Media is definitely necessary. It helps us to connect directly to customers, fans and audiences in our case. But when a certain platform is used widely to spread hate, negativity and fake news. you know its time to get out of it. It was happening on twitter. And I have to protect my mental health. So leaving it was an only option.”

Recently Subodh Bhave also deleted his Twitter account. saying “I don’t want to be on a platform that doesn’t give me good energy.” Before leaving the social media platform, the actor-director thanked all his fans for their love and support but didn’t share the reason for his exit, Later he took to another social media to go live for his fans to inform about his reasons to leave the platform. He had said, “I have immense respect for social media. I don’t deny the power of this platform as I have used it to promote my films and it has helped me keep my fans updated on my work etc. I have been able to interact with my audience and have got their feedback on a regular basis. I have always taken both the positive and negative comments with regards to my work, constructively. But of late, Twitter has become a place for mudslinging and hatred. I have seen my friends from Marathi industry getting affected by the negativity there. Extremely disrespectful remarks are being made for Marathi artistes. So, I don’t want to be on a platform that doesn’t give me good energy.”

Recently actors Siddharth Chandekar and Mitali Mayekar, who got engaged in January last year, postponed their wedding in June 2020 then. But, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the couple has pushed the wedding to next year.