Silambarasan TR makes a grand entry with his transformation video on social media

Silambarasan TR is back on social media. STR fans have been requesting the actor to be on social media for a long time from the moment the actor quit, a few years back. Silambarasan TR has posted his first video on his social media handle today. The video which shows him working on his fitness, also shows the actor travelling for his peace of his mind.

STR shared a video which showed his physical transformation during the lockdown and he also named it Atman. He posted, ‘Atman-SilambarasanTR #Atman #SilambarasanTR #STR (sic)’ Mahat, one of his close friends shared that STR has been working hard on his fitness during the lockdown.

He posted, ‘A person who has utilised this quarantine In a positive way gives soo much hope that we all still can & this is not just about his transformation or This isn’t about proving himself to others! This was for his true inner self! The real inner most being! You truly are the ATMANHundred points symbol’

Similarly music director S Thaman shared a picture of him set to compose a song with his team for STR46. He shared that he is excited to be composing music for STR in his next film. He posted, ‘Welcome back !! #STR White heart @SilambarasanTR_ happy to be part of ur journey darling brother !! #STR46 WORKS STARTED TODAY Happy man raising one hand DrumDrumDrumDrumDrumDrumDrumDrumDrumDrum! #semmmmmmaadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !! Collision symbolFirecracker’