Soha Ali Khan gives this to Inaaya to eat every day

There’s a lot being said about mindful eating across the world and people are resorting to this to stay healthy. Soha Ali Khan is also a fan of healthy fare. She shares what she has: “I think 2020 has taught us to be mindful of our eating and the lifestyle that we follow. It was a very unexpected to face such a pandemic, but at the same time it was also great to see people embrace a healthier lifestyle due to it. As a mother, I feel it is important for me to set a good example for my young one as she keenly follows what that my husband and I do and starts imbibing it in her own way,” she states.

Soha reveals what her eating pattern is like and the conscious food choices that she makes. She says, “I am someone who likes to snack during the day but I make sure that what I eat is healthy and nutritious and also I also try make my family do the same. I’ve relooked at my pantry and wherever possible, I’ve replaced unwholesome options with healthy foods. Some of my favourite snacking options are almonds, which have satiating properties and they give energy which make them a tasty, nutritious treat. I also give a handful of almonds to Inaaya everyday. I also like eggs as they have high-quality nutrients and I make sure to serve all my family member a whole egg every day. Fresh fruits are great idea as they high in mineral and fibre and help flush out antioxidants. If eating raw fruits is not something you enjoy, just make a smoothie or fresh fruit juice.”