Soham is spending his birthday at home

Soham turned a year younger today. The actor, who is spending his birthday at home with his family, said, “I had a gala birthday lunch cooked by mother. Diet took a back seat today. Ma made five types of vegetable fries, dal, macher kalia, chicken kosha and payesh. Last midnight my two sons, Ayaansh and Adhyansh, made me cut a cake. They both made cards and gifted me chocolate from their stock. My wife Tanaya gifted me a shirt and perfume and my parents gave me money to buy something of my choice,” said the actor. “This evening, a few of my friends and relatives will come over to my place and we will have a small get-together. My wife is making biryani and chaap. My sons are more excited about my birthday and keener on cutting cakes.” Any birthday resolutions, we ask Soham? “My only resolution is to work hard and do better films. Last birthday I took the resolution to take more calls and I guess I have succeeded in that,” said the actor with a smile.

On the work front, Soham completed shooting for Kolkatar Harry. “I will start dubbing for the film soon,” he said.