Sonakshi Sinha: The word nepotism has been introduced by someone whose sister is managing their work

2020 could have been a special year for Sonakshi Sinha. She made her big Bollywood debut with the blockbuster Dabangg with Salman Khan in September 2010. In four weeks, her journey will see the completion of ten successful years. But after the unfortunate demise of Sushant Singh Rajput on June 14 this year, things changed completely for star kids and the Hindi film industry as a whole.

Almost all the star kids have been under the ire of social media users for promoting Nepotism in Bollywood and not giving a fair chance to the outsiders. Amid all this vitriol, the Lootera actress bid adieu to Twitter to distance and divert herself from the toxicity and hatred that had hijacked the platform. And speaking to Hindustan Times in her recent interview, she spilled the beans on almost everything.

Sinha, who has come up with the anti-cyber bullying initiative, AbBas, talked about it and said, “You see people have been at home for five months now, and there’s a lot of frustration that’s coming out on the internet. So, it seems like a very gradual buildup of hatred and negativity online. That’s really what kind of drove me to do this. I firmly believe that if something can’t be said to someone’s face, because there’ll consequences — people need to know there are consequences even if you say it online.”

She added, “So, I wanted to make people aware that if there’s someone treating you in a certain way online, action can be taken against them, and you can safeguard and protect yourself. For the longest time, even I’ve been ignoring or blocking such people, but it’s time, as it’s really getting out of hands. Forget being an actor, nobody should be subjected to that kind of behaviour or threats at all.”

Talking about the debate on the insiders and outsiders and nepotism, Sinha stated, “Nobody likes to hear abuses about themselves for what, for being actors? For being born to a particular set of parents? I’m sorry! Where’s the logic in that? It’s been blown so much out of proportion. Has anybody really counted, today there are more outsiders than so called insiders in the industry, who have made it very big and have lots of work, more than people who’re grown up in any film family. Why nobody raises that point?”

She continued, “We’re all here today because our audience has accepted us to some extent whether it’s an insider or an outsider. We respect that. If audience doesn’t accept a person, his career won’t go anywhere. So, it’s sad to attack star kids… we work hard and put in as much hard work as anybody else.” She had something more to say about this much-amplified debate.

She said, “I find it so amusing that this word nepotism has been introduced and sensationalized by a person whose sister is managing their work. And I don’t think I really want to give it that much more importance. Having said that, my father has never picked up the phone and called any producer to say, ‘Take my daughter in your film.'”

Shedding light on the trolling that recent films like Gunjan Saxena and Sadak 2 had to go through, Sinha opined, “These people are calling out young girls, Ananya Panday, Alia Bhatt, Janhvi Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, imagine what they’d be going through. It’s just not nice. Though I know they’re very strong girls and are keeping their chin up and sailing through it, so I’m happy about that.”

She added, “I understand people are hurt right now, and I get it they need to vent somewhere. But some people don’t understand the word nepotism. It actually means giving your own family more favour than a person who’s not from the family. All the people being attacked for nepotism were not even launched by their families, so it’s bizarre what’s happening.”