Sonali Kulkarni The lockdown taught me that as an actor, I could decide so little for myself’

On Throwback Thursday, we take a journey back in memory lane with acclaimed actor Sonali Kulkarni – on her life in the lockdown. With films and television resuming shoots and actors are returning back on the sets, here’s looking at Sonali’s lockdown musings… Sonali, who has impressed the cine-goers with films like ‘Gulabjaam’, ‘Ani Dr. Kashinath Ghanekar’, ‘Singham’, ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ among other Hindi and Marathi blockbusters, wore a full-time hat of a mother, wife and a daughter-in-law in the lockdown.

She said, “I was trying to remain as positive as I could but there were patches of ups and down where I felt very hopeful and normal yet at times confused. I have been cooking, cleaning the house, helping my daughter with school projects. I spent quality time with her, my husband Nachiket and my mother-in-law in the lockdown.”

She continued, “We are all cleanliness freak, we like to clean our homes and we are bound to take care of it. The initial two weeks were a bit difficult, I coundn’t understand how to manage my day, when to cook, when to workout and clean; thank God, now things are sorted. I am doing everything myself with the help of my husband and we are counting our blessing that we are together, safe.”

Lucky to share quality time with her family, Sonali told us, “Nachiket and I used to meet when our day got over but in the lockdown, I could talk to him even while I was cooking in the kitchen. My mom-in-law brings a different kind of vibe in the house. She is 75 plus, but the stamina that she has, she is a lesson for us, her being itself is such a wonderful thing for my daughter Kaveri. My daughter taught us the fact that how much will we worry, at some point, we have to say Hakuna Matata and face the challenges and move on.”

Rather than going deep in thoughts, Sonali had some momentary concerns in the lockdown. She shared, “At times, the momentary thoughts were what do I make for dinner or will I be able to buy vegetables. The lockdown taught me that as an actor, I could decide so little for myself, I am dependent on the writers, producers and directors and I am a little part of the filmmaking process and play. But similarly, actors can add so many things to society. An actor is totally dependant yet he or she can inspire others. We need to have faith. Work is an important dose of energy for all of us. Bit of fear is there on how will actors get work but I have learnt to be tolerant and have faith.”