Sonu Sood: Wishes of thousands of families have been the guiding force

Wishes have been pouring in from all quarters for Sonu Sood since news of him receiving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Special Humanitarian Action Award, in partnership with the Government of Punjab, broke out. “Wishes do the trick. There have been wishes and prayers of thousands of families. And that has been the guiding force,” says the actor, who participated in the virtual awards ceremony recently. The SDGs were adopted by the United Nations and all member countries in 2015.

Ask Sonu if he thought awards and accolades would come his way when he first stepped up to help people in need during the pandemic, and he says, “All that was running on my mind then was to help people reach their homes, and provide medical and educational assistance. This is just the beginning of my journey and it is going to continue.”

So, what is his inspiration when it comes to the humanitarian activities he’s been involved in? “My Mom and dad have been big influences in my life. My dad had a shop in Punjab and we used to feed the needy every week. I was involved in it and grew up in such an environment. My mom, who was a professor, taught kids free of cost all her life. So, all this motivated me to do what I did when the need arose,” he says.

Quiz him out of curiosity if politics is on his mind, and Sonu says with a laugh, “Not as of now. As an actor, my hands are still full and I want to explore more in acting. I don’t know what’s written in my destiny after five or 10 years. But no matter what I do, I’ll give my 100 per cent.”