Sonu Sood’s hilarious reply to a man who asked him to arrange for a Maldives vacation will leave you in splits

Sonu Sood has been doing his best to help people who have been worst affected by the coronavirus pandemic in the past few months. Apart from responding to the calls for help, the actor has also been wittily replying to pranksters on Twitter.

In one such instance, a man on the micro-blogging site recently asked the actor if he can arrange for a vacation in the Maldives for him.

Check out the tweet here:

@SonuSood सर पप्पू यादव आपका नाम सुनकर झारखंड से एक उम्मीद लेकर अंजान शहर में मदद की उम्मीद लेकर आया था। आपने उससे मिलकर उसे खाना कपड़ा और रहने की जगह दी उसका इलाज और सारे टेस्ट कराए। टिकट कराकर उसको अपने घर भेजा पप्पू आज बहुत खुश है धन्यवाद



Replying to the man in his trademark witty fashion, Sonu asked him if he would prefer a bicycle of a rickshaw to go there.

Check out his reply here:

While a majority of people have hailed him as a superhero and called him a messiah, some have questioned his intentions and called him a fraud. The actor responded to the trolling, and told a news portal that those are a handful of people, and they suddenly rise from nowhere on social media. According to the actor, they don’t actually exist in reality. Sonu added that he has got a lot of things to do for people and didn’t have the time to see what they’ve written.

Sonu received recognition for his noble works with the prestigious SDG Special Humanitarian Action Award by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).