Sonu Sood’s story of how he bagged his first film is sure to leave you in splits

Sonu Sood is one of the finest actors we have in Bollywood. The actor, who made his big debut with a Tamil film, recently shared the story of how he bagged the film and it is simply hilarious. In an interview with Neha Dhupia for her podcast, Sonu Sood reportedly told her that he was supposed to audition for a Tamil movie. Before he went for the auditions, he learnt as many words as he could in Tamil from a book gifted by his mother.

Elaborating further, he added that when he went for the auditions, the director and the producer came to him and greeted him. After that, they asked him if he could remove his t-shirt so that they could see his body. The actor reportedly obliged. Once they saw his body, they told him he had got the movie.

Sonu also went on to talk about his first Hindi film, ‘Bhagat Singh’. He revealed that he would often prove the film producer wrong on sets. Sonu reportedly said he is good with history and his granddad had studied with Bhagat Singh in Lahore College. Sonu added that producer Iqbal Singh Dhillon would often contradict Sonu’s version of the sequence of events, only to realise later that the actor was actually right.

Sonu is currently all over the news for his noble deeds where he has been helping people across the nation who are in need.