Soumitra Chatterjee health update: Thespian’s condition remains critical but stable

Soumitra Chatterjee’s condition is still critical but stable. As of Wednesday, November 5, the thespian remains on ventilator support while his haemoglobin and platelet counts are on the lower side, according to the medical team treating him at a Kolkata private hospital.

A statement issued by the medical team says there’s no significant change in the Soumitra’s health. His neurological condition, too, remains the same. He hasn’t been given dialysis as the urea and creatinine levels have now come down. Doctors have revealed there has been no new change in the veteran actor’s organ functions and the ventilator support is still on. However, his liver and organ functions remain okay.

Despite the haemoglobin count being on the lower side, the medical team in charge of his treatment isn’t worried too much. They think the low haemoglobin and platelet count is might be because of the multiple transfusion and blood loss and it’s normal in this stage.

The nephrology review board will now take a decision on whether to give Soumitra Chatterjee a longterm kidney support while the neuro board will discuss on air management for a lengthy period. Though the secondary infection of the octogenarian actor seems to be on the decline, the medical board will today meet to chalk out future medication on the veteran actor. However, doctors fear Soumitra’s long stay at the hospital since October 6, since he tested positive for COVID-19, will have a large impact on his health.