Soundarya Sharma: Jogging 12 kms a day makes me feel energised

Soundarya Sharma is back in Mumbai after spending several months in Los Angeles. The actress was there as she had enrolled in acting classes from the New York Film Academy and the Lee Strasberg Academy. With the lockdown on, it was not an easy time and she took up high intensity jogging and running programme to stay fit while she was there. Now that she has retuned, Soundarya’s determined to stay connected to her exercise schedule and is putting in 12 kms a day while jogging now, we hear.

Speaking about this, she says, “It was a difficult time in LA, initially. My family was here and I was far away and there was no way I could come back. After a point, I stopped giving in to the worries and I started my workouts. I began with brisk walking and going on treks and I also got busy helping the less fortunate with food and essentials, so I did whatever kept me going. And I have to say it helped me and made for a learning experience for me. I’m back in Mumbai now and since all the gyms are closed, I have embarked on my running and jogging routine which is a normal 10-12 kms, that I used to do in LA. I find it cleanses the body of toxicity. It also replenishes energy levels and fills me with positivity. I do think that if possible people should go outdoors where it’s safe and do a jog or run.”