South actor Akshay Aruku to make a film marrying South and Punjabi traditions

It is said that music knows no bars of language. And this has often been proved true by the spirit of the Punjabi music that attracts people in its vivaciousness even if they don’t really understand the lyrics. One such example has been proved by Karnataka based actor, scriptwriter and director, Akshay Aruku. He has featured in Kannada films like ‘5 Adi 7 Angula, ‘Mayabazar 2016’ and ‘Paathi: the Half’ and is all set to make his Bollywood debut. Aruku says he is addicted to Punjabi songs. He adds, “I’m in Punjab to visit the place on the festival of Lohri and I’m here in my friend’s place. I’m actually enjoying staying here with his family in Chandigarh. The Punjabi welcome was just adorable. I’m craving Punjabi food, the famous sarso ka saag and makki di roti. I’m looking forward to celebrating Lohri along with them. I have always loved Punjabi songs. And bhangra is something that excites me to get up and dance. I’m all excited.”

Aruku was last seen in Kannada television show ‘Hostel Haiklu’, and is working on a new film which has Punjabi roots. He says, “Kannada and Punjabi films, songs are loved nationwide. Looking at the popularity and love given by the audience, I’m making a movie that will bring both the culture and tradition together. It’s a love story between a Punjabi model and Kannada superstar. It has comedy, romance and action.”