SP Balasubramanyam comfortable, awake and not in sedation

Veteran singer SP Balasubrahmanyam continues to be in the ICU and looks like he has to have an extended stay at the hospital. The popular singer had tested negative for Covid-19 earlier in August and had been in the hospital ever since. While there have recent reports that he might be undergoing lung transplant, his son SP Charan has rubbished them as rumours.

The singer/producer has given an update on his father’s health condition today. In his video update, SP Charan said, “I know my updates are not frequent enough for all of you. But, as I said, a slow, stable progress is very time consuming and we don’t expect any drastic changes in days or everyday for that matter.”

“I am meeting dad everyday, he is doing well. The progress is slow, but steady and he continues to be stable. He continues to be on ECMO and ventilator. Everything is going smooth, we don’t expect any complications of infection or anything like that. All seems well and thanks to all your wishes and prayers.”

SP Charan also informed that he would continue to give updates on his father’s health every other day or once in two days, as he has been doing lately. He also rubbished some of the rumours that have been reported in certain media, one which said that SP Balasubramanyam had been discharged and another that a lung transplantation has been planned. He also said that reports saying that he has been singing in the ICU for his fans is also not true.

“All your prayers are helping. Dad is comfortable, he is awake and he is not in sedation. We are hoping that he will get well really soon,” concluded Charan.