Spending one whole week in a Covid isolation ward was a humbling experience: Naga Babu

He’s a Covid survivor alright, but that tag doesn’t quite impress Naga Babu. The actor, who recently recovered from the virus, says all credit should go to his team of doctors who made sure he bounced back to good health. “I’d not call myself a survivor. I’m just a patient who recovered from a contagious infection,” he says.

It was in early September that Naga Babu tested positive for Covid-19. after experiencing severe symptoms, he was hospitalised for a week. But it took over two weeks for the actor to fully recover. “When I learned that I was tested positive, I was slightly nervous since I have a history of bronchial asthma. I got myself admitted to a hospital immediately and was placed in the isolation ward. I experienced severe breathlessness initially. By the third day, I had lost my sense of smell too. After a few days of medication though, my symptoms subsided and I was discharged from the hospital. But I had to spend another week in isolation at home,” he recounts.

Unfortunately, his woes didn’t end with that: “By the time I reached home, my wife Padmaja too tested positive for Covid-19. At one point, my wife and I were in isolation in different rooms in the house. It was a tough period for us, but we somehow got through it. She is fitter than me, so she recovered faster. it took me a little longer to get back to normal,” he says, adding, “When you’re in the isolation ward, even your doctors check on you from a distance. I was utterly alone. I realised that being in isolation can test your mental resolve; it’s such a humbling feeling. But it was important to stay positive. I kept myself occupied by watching TV and funny videos. Thankfully, my family remained extremely calm; their support gave me courage.”

Given his tough fight with Covid-19, Naga Babu has one message for everyone — “Make sure you get yourself tested, even when you experience the mildest of symptoms. Your body might be able to fight the virus, but you may infect someone else who may not be able to deal with it. Be alert all the time and be compassionate towards your fellow citizens,” he says.