Sreenanda’s advice to all, don’t get paranoid seeing negative social media posts

When it comes to life post-pandemic, experts are most worried about mental health as they believe mental health repercussions regarding what’s happening during this pandemic for people, today and beyond, will be major a problem. Stress behaviour for many will bring a series of unnecessary panic. That’s what bothers actress Sreenanda Shankar the most. Even she sometimes feels a bit down to see all these negative around us.

The Ek Je Chhilo Raja’ actress took to her social media handle to post a long note and urged people to stay away from social media.

“This is a difficult time for every single human being. Yes I’m known to post positive stuff! BUT…. I do not feel positive all the time. I’m also going through the emotional ups and downs like all of you. This pandemic is affecting all of us. NO ONE IS SPARED. Think about it! … Which is why I have decided to only post positive and mood lifting stuff. It’s a choice I have made. I get low and depressed too, but I will keep that private.

I’m an entertainer. I will ONLY try to lift your mood!

I’m tired of seeing posts on social media that makes us all worried and paranoid. Limit it. Watch only reliable sources to be informed about how to stay safe. That’s the only way we can overcome this mentally. Be safe. Create a routine and try and stay positive. Yes TRY. It’s NOT easy. BUT TRY!

PS: Take a break from social media. It helps. Wear a mask (sic),” she wrote.

It is indeed a testing time for all since the world is facing an additional threat —a long period of economic instability which is a worrying thing because the unemployment during and after the Great Depression had led to an increased incidence of heart disease.