Sridevi and goli soda will be the soul of Sudheer Babu’s quirky love story

After making a splash with the rustic action-drama Palasa 1978 last year, filmmaker Karuna Kumar is all set to kick-start his second film. Starring Sudheer Babu in the lead role, the film is curiously titled

Sridevi Soda Centre. What’s even more curiosity-inducing is the recently released motion poster of

the film that has a picture of yesteryear actress, late Sridevi in it. It isn’t just an attention seeking

gimmick, says the director. “Trust me, Sridevi garu and goli soda will be the soul of the film that will

drive the story from the first frame to the last,” says Karuna. Sudheer Babu must be a Sridevi fan, which is why the title, we wonder? “You’ll have to watch the film to see how Sridevi is involved in

the film. All I can say at this stage is that the film is a quirky love story.”

Interestingly, Sudheer Babu, who has predominantly played modern, urban characters in all his films,

is all set to undergo a rural makeover for Sridevi Soda Centre. “Sudheer plays an electrician from

East Godavari. Looking at the kind of roles he has played so far in his career, I thought it would be

interesting to see him with a rustic makeover and I’m glad that he’s doing that with my film,” says

Karuna, adding, “We want to make it look as authentic as possible so Sudheer is now learning to master the Godavari yaasa (accent). It’ll be a special surprise for all his fans to see him in this


The film will start rolling at the end of this month and Karuna says the pandemic has changed how

they plan to go about their shoot. “The film will be shot completely outdoors to make it look more

natural. As we will have to shoot with lesser crew now keeping the safety of everyone in the film’s

unit in mind, we will be using costlier shooting equipment that can get the work done with lesser

people. All other safety precautions will also be taken on set,” he says, signing off.