Sujatha Mohan thanks sound engineers, and here’s why!

Times are such that people belonging to many professions have to pick up skills ranging from video recording and editing to live telecast, due to the need to get work done in the age of social distancing.

Our singers too are turning themselves into sound engineers and more during this time and recently, veteran singer Sujatha Mohan shared her thoughts on the same, through her online page.

Sujatha said, “There is a special reason to put this post. Now, during the time of Covid – 19, all of us singers have to embrace a new role – that of a sound engineer. From editing and recording to lighting, shooting and more, we are forced to learn theme all in the current circumstances. We have to send bytes to different people, and if music recording has to happen, we have to pick up these skills as well. At this age, even I am doing my bit to learn it all.

For some time now, I have been recording a song and that’s when I really realised how tough sound engineering is. At this age of mine, it was quite tough to learn all of this, but I am not stopping myself from trying. And at this time, I want to convey a big thank you to all the sound engineers. I can understand now how much effort, talent and hard work goes behind their role, to consolidate our best takes, and mix them in the most beautiful manner, to give a song its final shape. I was always aware of this, but now, especially, I understand that all the more. One needs very good concentration, invest a lot of time, and more for it. So, at this time, I would like to express my gratitude to all the sound engineers, those who did live shows, recorded shows, and more.”

She also expressed special thanks to two sound engineers who have been helping her immensely, with the skill. Sujatha said, “I would like to thank P G Rakesh, who helped me with all of it, during this season of coronavirus. He is a sound engineer in Chennai, and he sings and composes well too. He taught me how to record and a lot more. Now I am his disciple, and I am still learning. T K Lijesh Kumar, yet another sound engineer, singer and composer has also been of great help and I’m thankful to him too.”