Sushant was happy to interact with fans who had demanded to meet him: Dhaval Pandya, line producer, Kai Po Che

Sushant Singh Rajput shot his debut film Kai Po Che in Ahmedabad and parts of Diu. But a large part of it was shot in Ahmedabad and during one of the days, the locals came to know of the actor shooting in the vicinity and gathered around the shooting location to interact with the actor and click pictures. Line producer of the film Dhaval Pandya, who was in-charge of the situation remembers the incidence. “Some of the first few scenes from Kai Po Che were being shot in a primary school in the Walled City in Ahmedabad, when the locals came to know that Sushant Singh Rajput was shooting in the vicinity. And soon, around 200 female fans of Sushant gathered outside the school, demanding that they wanted to meet him. They refused to budge even after a lot of prodding and were adamant that if they didn’t get to meet Sushant, they would not let him leave, as they had blocked the road. Since it was his debut film, we had not anticipated such a situation and we had arranged only for a few bodyguards. But looking at the large number of fans, we had to call in for more security personnel before the situation went out of hand.”

He adds, “When Sushant came to know that fans had gathered outside the school, he very excitedly agreed to meet them. He spent some time with them, clicked pictures, spoke to a few of them as well and finally, when the fans were satisfied with the interaction, they allowed us to leave. We didn’t know that Sushant had such a massive female fan following, but his show Pavitra Rishta was hugely popular and now, when I think of that day, I feel it was a good wake up call for me to not underestimate the popularity of an actor. But it all ended well.”