T for Taj Mahal

Apr 22, 2020
T for Taj Mahal

T For Taj Mahal is an upcoming Hindi movie. The movie is directed by Kireet Khurana and will feature Zachary Coffin, Pitobash Tripathy, Ali Faulkner and Subrat Dutta as lead characters. The story is based on an illiterate villager runs a roadside eatery near the world-famous Taj Mahal.

He is concerned about another generation of the villagers who will also grow up without an education and get ridiculed and duped as he has been. He hatches a unique social enterprise idea of offering tourists who eat his food the option of paying their bill, or teaching the local youngsters. The idea is an initial hit, that is until a big company muscles in.

Bansi`s venture soon becomes a huge success, with tourists teaching students in a make-shift school behind the dhaba. However, when a fancy new restaurant springs up in the vicinity, Bansi is faced with fresh trouble as his customer base starts eroding. Will he ever manage to revive the dhaba-school? Sony Pictures Networks Productions (SPNP) is all set to launch the trailer of their next film ‘T for Taj Mahal’ on an international platform.

The movie will be releasing soon in 2020. Stay tuned to know more. Will keep you updated with the upcoming information regarding it. Would appreciate for your corporation.