Tahira Kashyap Khurrana: Ayushmann and I have decided that he won’t come home until his film’s schedule wraps up

Tahira Kashyap Khurrana and husband Ayushmann Khurrana are a helluva team. Through the months of the lockdown, we kept seeing their adorable posts that showed how they were making the most of their family time, doing fun things together and even finding special ways to celebrate their kid’s birthday given the constraints. The Khurranas have been in Chandigarh post the lockdown, and after a long break, recently, Ayushmann went back to a film set. The couple celebrated their wedding anniversary on Sunday, and Tahira posted a sweet

message on social media with a cute picture of her piggybacking on Ayushmann, and wrote “That’s the only way he picks me up! Gunny bag ‘aaloo ki bori’ style! (sic).”

Talking to BT, Tahira,

who has spent the last few months penning her book and fine-tuning her scripts, said, “Ayushmann has resumed work recently. He had also shot ads in Chandigarh a couple of months ago. I have seen first-hand how tough it is to shoot due to the PPE kits and masks. It’s suffocating, but that’s the only way to work right now. It’s tougher for the artiste because they can’t wear a mask while shooting, which is a risk. As excited as I am to get back to work, I am also fearful. I have kids and elders at home, so travelling to Mumbai for work is not on the cards for me right now. I want to make content from where I am, because I can isolate myself easily here.”

Elaborating on how she and Ayushmann plan to manage home and work schedules, she says shares, “He has started shooting his film. We have decided that he will not come home until the schedule wraps up. He will stay with the film’s team for about one-and-a-half month. That rule applies to me, too. The dates for my forthcoming projects have not been decided yet, but when I start shooting, I too, will not see my kids until we have completed the schedule.”