Tanuj Virwani: My pocket projector is a wonderful way to feel that I am back at the cinemas

Tanuj Virwani did not grow up with Bollywood dreams nor did he aspire to be a part of the Hindi film industry, despite being actress Rati Agnihotri’s son.
His debut film was to be ‘Purani Jeans’ (2014) directed by Tanushri Chatterji Bassu with Izabelle Leite and Aditya Seal but ‘Luv U Soniyo’, directed by Joe Rajan released before that in 2013.

In his earlier interviews, the actor has confessed that he would rather be behind the camera. However, his love for films is an everlasting one. Not many know that one of his favourite gadgets is his pocket film projector!
Talking about it, Tanuj said, “It is extremely handy and I can carry it to work like a USB. I can watch movies and my favourite shows on it. You can blow it up to almost, I believe 100 inches. So I just keep it on my makeup table, project it on my vanity van wall and I sync that with my bluetooth speaker. So, I get a whole home theatre experience while I am waiting for my scenes, in between shots and while I am getting ready.”

Tanuj makes the most of his free time by watching films using his favourite gadget. He said, “As an actor most of my time is about waiting in the van, and getting ready, so this is a wonderful way to feel that I am back at the cinemas.”