Tanushree Dutta opens up about being body-shamed, says she went through an emotional roller coaster

Tanushree Dutta recently revealed that she is all set to make her comeback to Bollywood for her second innings. The actress stunned one and all with her transformation pictures where she lost about 15-17 kilos.

Talking about being body-shamed by people for her bigger body frame, Tanushree reportedly told Times Now Digital that a lot of people took that as an excuse to body-shame her. The actress said that people shamed her in sneak ways that hurt her nevertheless. Tanushree revealed that she got a lot of underhanded comments and underhanded compliments, which you can tell the intention of the person the way they are talking to you. According to her, she went through that emotional roller coaster where people tried to put her down and make her feel bad.

However, the actress stated that this was not the only reason she decided to lose weight. Tanushree is all set to make a comeback to Bollywood and that is the reason she decided to get into shape. Spilling some beans on the same, Tanushree reportedly said she was healthy and fit in terms of her body and shape. Although she was not obese, for the screen, the actress thought if she dropped a few pounds, she would look even better. So she started working on that.

Elaborating further, Tanushree added that from last year she started weight training again. She was doing Yoga earlier and walking. But weight training produces very quick results and also it gives a definition to the body. However, in the midst of it, all the pandemic hit and gyms shut down. However, to combat that and compensate for the lack of gym training and weight training during the lockdown, Tanushree changed her diet completely.